How to count picoalgae and bacteria with the FACScalibur flow cytometer

mercredi 14 octobre 2009
par   G. Grégori

Document from Pep Gasol

This manual contains instructions for the routine use of the FACScalibur for counting
bacterial and picoalgal concentrations in natural samples. Part of the instructions (like
turning on and off or cleaning the machine) will be useful to users of the machine for
other applications. However, any user that intends to develop new methods or
approximations or that will work with unusual samples will have to manage her/himself
on his/her own. I recommend that in such a case, the cytometer manual, and a good
cytometry book (like Shapiro’s “Practical Flow Cytometry”) are read and understood
before starting to play around. I also recommend that enough time is allocated to
development of procedures before actual samples are run.
Needless to say, I offer this information with the assumption that you will report back to
me any errors or missunderstandings and you will also report any improvements you
It took me some months to setup the procedures that are explained below, and some
details are still not completely understood. I will appreciate if new information or
procedures are reported to me so that I can add them to the document.

Manual writen by Josep M. Gasol

- Departament de Biologia Marina i Oceanografia
- Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC. Barcelona.

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