XXV Congress of ISAC - May 8-12 2010 Seattle (USA)

dimanche 8 novembre 2009
par   G. Grégori

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About CYTO 2010

ISAC is committed to being a leading organization in supporting the engagement of scientific and clinical communities in their exploration of new areas for cytometry in efforts to advance knowledge and improve human health.

The XXV Congress will see the launch in a re-vitalized format for the 2010 and future congresses. The flexible format will allow fresh offerings for delegates, exhibitors and sponsors as we move to yearly meetings and seek links with partnering organizations.

Congresses will now have a new banner name - CYTO – with the new format being launched for Seattle as CYTO 2010. Seattle is an excellent venue and location for CYTO 2010 – the quality and cost-effectiveness of the delegate and exhibitor experiences being important factors.

ISAC aims to keep pace with the speed of academic and commercial developments and to serve the increasing demand for networking within our expanding community - signaled by the very welcome rise in the membership of affiliated societies and the on-going efforts of ISAC to support cytometry in emergent world areas. The new CYTO Congresses will retain successful aspects of previous meetings but offer new features.

CYTO 2010 offers :

* The CYTO Symposium - reflecting the current and future international challenges for the cytometry community
* State-of-the-Art in Cytometry Lectures addressing Technology, Science and Biomedicine
* A New Major Award
* Frontiers Lectures and Plenary Talks
* A new showcase session for Emergent Technologies And Engineering Innovations
* The Hooke Lecture
* Parallel & poster sessions
* Workshops and tutorials
* Congress courses
* Commercial Exhibition
* Exhibitor sponsorship opportunities
* and more...

Session Themes :

* Biomarkers in Drug Discovery
* Immunophenotyping
* Stem Cells
* Cytometry Linked Technology and Engineering
* Imaging Linked Technology
* Molecular and Cellular Reporter Development
* Molecular and Nano-probes
* Emergent Science : microRNAs
* Systems Biology & High Throughput and High Content Screening
* Multimodality Imaging
* The Cell Cycle
* Advances in Clinical Cytometry
* Standards and Calibration
* Microbiology & Plant Biology
* Marine Cytometry
* Fluorescence etc and Novel Imaging Modes
* Genome Stability and Expression
* Cellular State Analysis

Key Dates :

Registration Site Opens - November 2009