How to modify the sample flow rate on your FACS Calibur (BD)

samedi 2 octobre 2010
par   G. Grégori

If you wish to modify the sample flow rate of your FACS Calibur, you can do it yourself. Here is the sequence :

- Remove the right side panel of the instrument (just need to remove a screw at the back),

- You should see something like this picture :

JPEG - 58.4 ko

- Now, what you need is a little screw-driver to turn (by very small steps only !) the little screws on the "Sample press reg" board (see picture below) :

JPEG - 46.9 ko

— When you turn the little screw R5, you modify the Low flow rate,
— When you turn the little screw R7, you modify the Medium flow rate,
— When you turn the little screw R6, you modify the High flow rate.

When you turn a screw you can monitor the voltage mentioned on the Cytometer Status windows in Cell Quest Pro.

On the PRECYM’s Facscalibur the initial values where :

PNG - 3.9 ko

You need to weigh the sample before and after a 5 min acquisition to calculate the new flow rates. Don’t forget to remove the external nozzle first !
When this is done, you can determine the relation between the Voltage and flow rate on your instrument, just like we did. That way, the voltage can be adjusted in order to select the proper flow rate :

PNG - 17.6 ko

On our instrument the new flow rates have been fixed to around : 12, 40 and 100 µl/min for a seawater sample.

Have fun !

*** DISCLAIMER !!! PRECYM is not responsible for damages you could cause to your flow cytometer***


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