Cyto-EOL Project : Amazing first data !!!

jeudi 29 mars 2012
par   G. Grégori

The in situ autonomous flow cytometer Cytosub (Cytobuoy) from the MIO has been installed on the EOL Buoy (OOV) for several weeks and is still operating. Sampling frequency is about 12 per day.

Flow cytometry data acquisition is automatically done by the flow cytometer, and a connnection by wireless makes posssible to control the instrument, set it up if necessarey, and download the data from the laboratories.
Data analysis has beeen initiated and the following figure displays the first results.

JPEG - 36.8 ko

In order to characterize the local hydrology, nutrients, meteorology, seawater temperature and salinity, as well as dissolved dioxygen are also monitored. Some samples are also analyzed for diversity and higher trophic levels.

With such a dataset we aim to better characterize the behaviour of the pico and nano-phytoplankton during the spring bloom, with a focus on the effects of sudden weather events.