Monitoring of phytoplankton at high frequency & at the single cell level by remote flow cytometry

mardi 10 juillet 2012
par   G. Grégori

This movie aims to describe the instrument set up installed on the buoy for monitoring the phytoplankton at high frequency. To watch the movie click here.
Data are acquired in real time and the cytometer is remotely controled by Wireless. Data can also be directly downloaded from the Buoy on a computer in the laboratory. The system is set up to be accessible from anywhere. It takes just a computer and an Internet access.

This project is a collaborative project between MIO (Marseille), LOV and OOV (Villefranche-sur-mer), and LOG (Wimereux)

People involved :
- Gérald Grégori and Michel Denis (MIO)
- Melilotus Thyssen, Felipe Artigas (LOG),
- Jean-Michel Grisoni (OOV)
- Maria-Luiza Pedroti and Laure Mousseau (LOV)

Support of :
- the crew of the La Velelle (ship of the OOV)
- the support of the Service d’Observation (MIO)
- the Cytobuoy b.v. compagny (The Netherlands)
- Program EC2CO PNEC (MISE ; PI : G. Grégori)

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