A new biosafety cabinet (BSC) for the Influx, made in PRECYM

samedi 30 mai 2015
par   G. Grégori

As a member of the IBiSA network, PRECYM aims to improve flow cytometry protocols and technology. Thanks to the European Funding and the support of the PACA Council (FEDER), PRECYM has developped with a French company a new Class I biosafety cabinet (BSC) specially designed for the Influx cell sorter (BD). This affordable new safety hood provides personnel and environmental protection. The inward flow of air is maintained at a minimum velocity to avoid any contamination of the lab or of the operator.

This BSC is used to enclose the Influx cell sorter when sorting, as it may potentially generate aerosols. This BSC is unducted (recirculating filtered exhaust back into the room). It is readiily removable from the Influx to facilitate its transportation and maintenance when required, The influx equipped with this very BSC can be installed onboard a ship, or in a dedicated container, etc.

If you need any information, please feel free to contact PRECYM


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