INNOVATION : Analysis of Prochlorococcus marina with the CytoSense flow cytometer

jeudi 17 décembre 2015
par   G. Grégori

Recently M. Thyssen, E. Pasero, and G. Gregori from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, Aix-Marseille University successfully analyzed Prochlorococcus marina with a CytoSense in surface (1 m) water samples collected on the 17/11/2015 around 10 am local time at the SOMLITstation located in the Bay of Marseille (1 m depth, 43°14.30 N, 5°17.30 E)

The abundance was confirmed by cell counts with a FACSCalibur flow cytometer.

Here we show a CytoClus 4 scatterplot of red fluorescence versus sideward scatter, using a partial-FFT algorithm (beta) developped by Cytobuoy team to better separate signal from noise in the pulse shapes.

This instrument has been used in the North Western Mediterranean Sea during the OSCAHR Cruise (PI : Doglioli A. & Grégori G.) from Octobre 30th to Novembre 6th 2015 and installed on the Tunisian Ferry Carthage during the A*MIDEX CHROME project (PI : Thyssen M.) to perform a high frequency monitoring of the phytoplankton.