Seminar at IOCAS of Qingdao (China)

July 5th 2017
mercredi 5 juillet 2017
par   G. Grégori

G. Grégori has been invited by Xiao Tian and Wuchang Zhang to make a talk at the Institue of Oceanography Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) of Qingdao to present the current works performed at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO) of Marseille.

The topics is related to "Submesoscale dynamics of the ultraplanktonic community structure in the Mediterranean Sea from in situ observations" with as examples of recent field work deployment of automated flow cytometers the OSCAHR cruise (PI : A. Doglioli and G. Grégori). It involves many people from various teams of the MIO, among which 2 postdocs (T. Silovic and P. Marrec) and an Engineer expert in Database management (S. Lhabib) who all did a fantastic job. In addition, the flow cytometry team benefited from a strong collaboration with the Cytobuoy company (Netherlands).
The talk ended by a demonstration of the remote control , in real time, of the Cytopro flow cytometer installed at the PRECYM platform in Marseilles.

MIO and IOCAS have been closelly collaborating since 2005. Currently two exchnage projects are going on (PRC and Cai Yuanpei programs). Very soon Aix-Marseille University and IOCAS will sign an International Research Program Agreement to tighten even further the prolific collaboration between the researchers of both institutions and students interested in microbial ecology and flow cytometry.