New : AME Discoveries

lundi 3 août 2009

A new and effective outlet for breaking-news developments in aquatic microbial ecology : AME Discoveries

Aquatic Microbial Ecology is one of the leading journals in its field. Now, AME Discoveries offers the opportunity to publish fast-breaking material rapidly online and with free Open Access.

AME Discoveries are short, high quality papers reporting on very significant discoveries and advances in the field. These manuscripts are fast-tracked through review and production. Similar to feature articles, AME Discoveries are highlighted with a brief summary and image in the issue in which they are published, and thus enjoy extra visibility. Manuscripts should be prepared and submitted specifically for this category and will be screened by the Editorial Board for suitability prior to processing. With fast publication and free Open Access, AME Discoveries will provide authors with a very effective alternative to disseminate high-impact research and will stimulate community-wide discussion of hot topics in aquatic microbial ecology.

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