A special issue of Frontiers in Microbiology dedicated to "Environmental Microbiology at the Single Cell Level"

jeudi 28 août 2014

Frontiers in Microbiology published a special issue on the topic "Environmental Microbiology at the Single Cell Level". Within this topic Editors have presented contributions that use various single cell techniques to explore microbial ecosystems both in health (e.g. by investigating the impact of bacteria on the human system) and environment (e.g. by unraveling specific cell dynamics and functions within soil, groundwater or marine ecosystems).

Within this issue, PRECYM has contributed to 2 articles related to high frequency in situ analysis of phytoplankton :

— Dugenne M, Thyssen M, Nerini D, Mante C, Poggiale J, Garcia N, Garcia F and Grégori GJ (2014). Consequence of a sudden wind event on the dynamics of a coastal phytoplankton community : an insight into specific population growth rates using a single cell high frequency approach. Front. Microbiol. 5:485. doi : 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00485

— Thyssen M, Grégori GJ, Grisoni J, Pedrotti M, Mousseau L, Artigas LF, Marro S, Garcia N, Passafiume O and Denis MJ(2014) Onset of the spring bloom in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea : influence of environmental pulse events on the in situ hourly-scale dynamics of the phytoplankton community structure.. Front. Microbiol. 5:387. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2014.00387