- Cytometry

- Clinical Cytometry

- Current protocols in Cytometry

- Practical Flow Cytometry (4ème Edition, H. Shapiro online)


- AlgaeBase : a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms

- Aquatic Microbes Forum

- Plant Flow Cytometry Forum Index

- Purdue Mailing List

- Microbes Forum List

- European Cytometry Network

Education - Tout sur la cytométrie en flux !

- Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

- Purdue Mailing List

- Introduction to flow cytometry (a tutorial from INVITROGEN)

- Cardiff University

- Tutorial Compensation

- Tutorial Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies

- A practical approach to multicolor flow cytometry for immunophenotyping (PDF) Journal of Immunological Methods 243 (2000) 77-97

Logiciels de cytométrie en flux gratuits

- WinMDI (logiciel gratuit d’analyse de fichiers de cytométrie) ***Unfortunately does not run on Windows 7 64 bits !!!***

- LDATAPP (convertit les fichiers FCS en format Texte)

- Cytowin

- Cyflogic *** There is a free version & a commercial version***

- Flowing Software

- SUMMIT was distributed for free by Dako for some time

- Flow Cytometry Analysis with R : the flowCore package

Logiciels d’analyse de données de cytométrie en flux (payants)

- FCS Express (DeNovo)

- FlowJO (Tristar)

- Flowlogic (Inivai)

- Infinicyt (Cytognos S.L.)

- Kaluza (BC)

- VenturiOne

- WinLIST (Verity Software House)

Logiciels d’analyse d’images

- Liste de logiciels d’analyse d’image (source wikipedia)

- Daime is a free digital image analysis and 3D visualization program trimmed to the needs of biologists who want to explore microorganisms in situ in environmental and medical samples. daime offers special tools for analyzing microbial cells that were stained by fluorescence labelling techniques (such as FISH with rRNA-targeted probes). A feature on daime has recently appeared in the Research Highlight section of Nature Reviews Microbiology (2006 ; 4 : 167). The cover illustrations of "Brock - Biology of Microorganisms" (12th edition) and of PNAS vol. 103(7) were rendered by daime.

- ImageJ

Spectra viewers

- Invitrogen

- BD


Microsphères (billes de calibrage)

- BangsLaboratories

- Luminex

- Polysciences

- Spherotech

- Molecular Probes


- Invitrogen/Molecular Probes

- Sigma

Un site pour comparer les cytomètres :

Associations savantes

- Association Française de Cytométrie

- International Society for Analytical Cytology

- Société Ibérique de Cytométrie

- Société Belge de Cytométrie

- Société Allemande de Cytométrie

- GIC Groupe Italien de Cytométrie

- Société Danoise de Cytométrie

- Société Suédoise de Cytométrie

- ICyS Irish Cytometry Society

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