Flow Cytometry in Aquatic Sciences

GIF The goal of this list is to archive most of the publications related to the topics of flow cytometry in Aquatic Sciences (both fresh and marine waters). So far we have more than 1,100 references stored.

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Articles publiés dans cette rubrique

lundi 15 décembre 2014
par  Aude BARANI


I. Hamdi, M. Denis, A. Bellaaj-Zouari, H. Khemakhem, A. Hamza, A. Barani, C. Bezac, S. Maalej (2015). The characterisation and summer distribution of ultraphytoplankton in the Gulf of Gabès (Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia) by using flow cytometry. Continental Shelf Res., 93, 27-38. (...)

mercredi 4 septembre 2013
par  Aude BARANI


Banaru D., Carlotti F., Barani A., Grégori G., Neffati N., Harmelin-Vivien M. (in press) Seasonal variation of stable isotope ratios of size-fractionated zooplankton in the Bay of Marseille (NW Mediterranean Sea). Journal of Plankton Research. 0(0) : 1-12.
http://plankt.oxfordjournals.org/ (...)

mardi 31 janvier 2012
par  Aude BARANI


Marc Bouvy, Christine Dupuy, Marc Pagano, Aude Barani, Loic Charpy (2012) Do human activities affect the picoplankton structure of the Ahe atoll lagoon (Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia) ? Marine Pollution Bulletin in press
The spatial variations of (...)

mardi 3 juillet 2012
par  Aude BARANI


Hana Trigui, Salma Masmoudi, Céline Brochier-Armanet, Aude Barani, Gérald Grégori, Michel Denis, Sam Dukan, Sami Maalej (2011) Characterization of heterotrophic prokaryote subgroups in the Sfax coastal solar salterns by combining flow cytometry cell sorting and phylogenetic analysis (...)

mardi 21 avril 2009
par   G. Grégori


Almeida WI, Vieira RP, Cardoso AM, Silveira CB, Costa RG, Gonzalez AM, Paranhos R, Medeiros JA, Freitas FA, Albano RM, Martins OB (2009) Archaeal and bacterial communities of heavy metal contaminated acidic waters from zinc mine residues in Sepetiba Bay. Extremophiles 13:263-271 (...)