ConFlux for Influx and FACSJazz Performance Tracking

mardi 6 décembre 2016
par   G. Grégori

The ConFlux program was devised by Geoffrey Osborne and Frank Battye for characterisation and performance tracking of BD’s Influx and FACSJazz cytometers using BD’s CS&T beads. It is a component of the system reported at Cyto 2016 : "A Semi-automated Approach to Tracking and Maintaining Instrument Performance on a BD Influx Flow Cytometer" G. Osborne, F. Battye and S. Dervish.

An initial Baseline scan for all active detectors determines the system operating parameters Qr and Br and establishes the target median values for the bright beads. Subsequent daily Performance Checks determine any variations to Qr and Br and the PMT volts required to set the bright bead median intensities at the respective targets. PMT voltages are set to ensure data repeatability from day to day, week to week. The application runs on the same computer as BD’s Sortware.

Sample output is shown below :

The free trial version of ConFlux can be downloaded here.



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