The Cellular Symphony : Listen to your data

dimanche 6 décembre 2015
par   G. Grégori

Frank Battye ( has put on his Webpage The Cellular Symphony software.
It is an audio representation of your flow cytometric data.
According to Frank Battye, "each particle (cell) is represented by musical notes of timbre, pitch and volume dependent on its FCM parameters".

It is not just only fun, it is another way to display and manipulate the data.
You can download Cellular Symphony for Macintosh, Windows and all java-capable systems [97,005 bytes] by clicking here.

Note : in addition to Java, CellSymphony requires an accessible midi synthesizer (supplied with most modern computers).

For Macintosh installation :

  1. In System Preferences, select Security & Privacy and set "Allow applications downloaded from :" to "Anywhere".
  2. Right click on the .jar file and select Open and confirm the "Open" request.
  3. The program will launch and can be run subsequently just by double-clicking.
  4. You may then return your preferences to their original state.

Symphony (Frank Battye)