Pictures taken by the Cytosense flow cytometer : the new LED makes the difference

vendredi 25 mars 2016

The Cytosense flow cytometers have been equiped for a while by a IIF (Image In Flow) device. The light source used to be the excitation laser used for the flow cytometry measurements.
On the last generation of flow cytometers, Cytobuoy has implemented a new light source, 100-200 ns flashes from a boosted 850 nm LED which does raise significantly the quality level of the pictures taken as the cells flow at about 2 meters per second. It is now possible to collect more details from the inside of the cells.
Now improvements are expected about the camera resolution and optimisation of the LED light ...wait and see !

Pictures of various 30 µm-Thalassiosira gravida (culture kindly provided by K. Leblanc)

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