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vendredi 20 juillet 2018
par   G. Grégori

IMDIS 2018 - Barcelona, 5-7 November International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems

Un poster sera présenté par les équipes des réseaux SOMLIT et RESMAR à la Session 3) Marine environmental infrastructures for observation data (data management and access) : Yolanda Del Amo, Nicolas Savoye, Serge Heussner, Nathalie Simon, Nicolas Lavesque, Antoine Grémare, Soumaya Lahbib, (...)

samedi 7 juillet 2018
par   G. Grégori

Global Ocean Summit 2018, in Qingdao, China - July 3rd to 5th

Global Ocean Summit 2018 (GOS2018), as the 2nd Global Ocean Summit, ocured in Qingdao, China from 3 to 5 July 2018. It was jointly organized by QNLM and AAAS (Science). It followed the spirit of Building the Partnerships on Ocean Observation and Research which was recognized during the 1st (...)

jeudi 25 janvier 2018
par   G. Grégori

EUROMARINE Workshop : Improving the visibility of ocean data from new technologies : A case study of high frequency flow cytometry

Type : Foresight Workshop
Start Date : March 22, 2018
End Date : March 23, 2018
Venue : University Aix-Marseille (AMU), France
Contact : Veronique Creach
E-mail :
During the last 10 years, scientists have developed collaboration around the North Sea, (...)

vendredi 20 octobre 2017
par   G. Grégori

8th Ferrybox Workshop

After completion of the EU-funded project ‘FerryBox’ in 2005 the FerryBox community wanted to improve the combined knowledge. Therefore the FerryBox workshops were originated in order to share experience and knowledge about the use of different underway systems.
PRECYM was (...)

samedi 8 juillet 2017
par   G. Grégori

Workshop FineMed 2017

The pan-Mediterranean FineMed 2017 workshop & summer school has been hold on 26-28 June 2017 at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO), Campus Luminy, Université d’Aix-Marseille (AMU). A total of 30 researchers and 13 PhD students have participated from oceanographic (...)